A Detailed Guide To Thesis statement writing

People have always considered the thesis statement writing part as the most difficult one. A good thesis statement will be stating the paper’s purpose and so, it can control, structure and assert your whole argument.

Help with thesis statement writing

1.    Your statement should be kept narrow: Only one issue should be addressed with a lot of significant details so all the points are supported fully by your paper’s body.  Take help for your thesis statement writing from the following points:

American Steel Industry’s problem is that it does not have sufficient money to renovate its equipment and outdated plants.

Civil War had been fought by both the sides over the slavery issue. North was interested into moral while South wanted their institutions to stay preserved.

These arguments help you with your thesis statement writing as it will summarize the paper’s main idea into one sentence. They are straight and answer your paper’s main question. Your thesis statement is supposed to answer your paper’s question.

2.    Start it using a question: No matter who complicated your subject seems to be, you can always let your thesis statement writing be an answer to that question. Let’s consider this topic as an example: Explaining the school board in a report about how computers can be advantageous for fourth grade classes. You can turn this one into a question like “What are the advantages of computer usage in fourth grade classes?” And then construct a sentence for your thesis statement writing. “The advantages which the usage of computer in 4th grade classes brings are…”

3.    The structure you follow must be rigid: If you know some basic formulas, you will be able to keep your thesis in the required length and in an organized manner. It should go on like this:

Clear topic

Summary of what the following paragraphs would be about (Something) (Doing something) (Because of something)

In thesis statement writing you should also present a counter argument. It might make your thesis a bit more complicated but it will greatly give strength to it and so you must mention it.

4.    Now write your final thesis down: Write a preliminary thesis down as this will help you getting on the right path and will also push you into thinking about it and thus, developing your ideas a bit more which will lead to a more clear content in the paper and all this will improve your thesis statement writing. This will also enable you to think more clearly, concisely and logically, resulting in a high quality paper.