College School Codes and the FAFSA

To the average person, college school codes hold little to no significance. The same cannot be said for prospective and current college students though. Such codes often prove vital when filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Each year, the federal government utilizes this application to gauge a given student’s eligibility for federal funds. Failure to fill out this relatively simple form bars a student from thousands of dollars in potential aid for that particular school year.

Luckily, college school codes require little explanation and cause relatively few headaches for students. Each college, university, and other educational institution that receives federal funding is given a unique code. These codes are simply used to identify a given school and nothing more. While filling out the FAFSA, an applicant simply needs to enter in the school codes for institutions they may possibly attend in the coming semester. Students do not even need to remember these codes because they can be looked up at any time.

After completing the main portion of the FAFSA, a page will come up and prompt a student to enter in their prospective schools. Nothing about this portion will prove complicated or confusing for students though. Codes can either be entered or looked up through an in-page search engine. Basically, a student simply needs to know the name of their prospective educational institutions and nothing more. College school codes are listed for any and all schools in the country that receive federal funding.

Undoubtedly, all students should fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid form. Virtually all applicants will receive some sort of aid no matter what their economic background is. Too many students assume they do not qualify for funds and decide to avoid filing this application. Sadly, these same students wind up facing shortfalls when they need to pay tuition and other college expenses. Absolutely no one should skip out on filling out the FAFSA form during any particular school year in which they are attending a college or university.

For the most part, students will find more trouble during other parts of the FAFSA form than the portion that requires college school codes. There is no need to memorize these codes, and any student can look them up online. Most schools give applicants their unique school code in acceptance emails anyways. In the end, passing up the FAFSA can prove detrimental to anyone’s college aspirations.