Exciting Strategies for Adult Learners

Going back to school is a major achievement for many adults who must find a way to study while managing their other obligations. Work, family and social responsibilities can often make studying seem more like a second job than an important step toward meeting a person’s goals. Adults who have been out of school for a while may also find it challenging to get back into the routine of studying. For this reason, the following fun adult-learning strategies are provided to help a person earn high grades while enjoying the time they spend studying.

Form a Study Group

Studying alone can often be boring. This is especially true when a person must eschew their normal social activities to focus on school. By forming a study group, a person can blend their academic needs with their social circle so that they can experience the positive benefits of social interaction while studying. Ideally, a study group will be made up of people studying the same course; however, having a group made up of multiple majors can enable members to benefit from the combined knowledge of the group.

Make it a Game

Flash cards and memory games are not only for elementary students. Adult learners can also benefit from creating a game out of the information that they are learning. This can be done by making flash cards or by having a close friend quiz a person on important statistics. This technique allows a person to see information in more than one context so they will be more likely to retain their new knowledge. For extra incentive throw in a few prizes, such as dinner at a restaurant, to entice a person to achieve their highest potential score.

Use Multimedia Resources

Adult learners can benefit from using every resource that is available for learning. Many college textbooks now provide an online option for reading course information, taking practice quizzes, and watching instructional videos. Additionally, many adult learners find that watching a video lecture or listening to an audio recording is more enjoyable than reading text. By mixing up the methods of course delivery, adult learners can engage more of their senses so that information will be more readily retained.

When an adult learner enjoys their study time, they will be more likely to stick to their schedule. Adult students can make their learning strategies fun by including other people in study groups that focus on games and videos to enhance the learning process.